Saturday, August 4, 2012

"You didn't build that..."

I should totally be over this by now. He said it in the middle of July, and it's August 4th. But I just CAN'T let it go. I wonder why...

Maybe it's because the anointed One has never built a business in his entire life. Maybe it's because this so-called “class warfare” was accentuated by the O machine. Maybe it's because he hates capitalism and cannot say it, so he punishes us. He wants to tax business owners to the point that they can't hire anyone. 

There is a perception pushed forth by the Obama administration that business owners are rich and part of the evil 1% (side note: What caused this notion that a financially successful person is greedy? That's another post...). Guess what? Most business owners aren't wealthy. But the question must be asked: Have you ever been hired for a job by a broke welfare-dependent person? Hmmm.......

Where is Barack Obama at 5:00 am when most restaurant owners show up for work? Where is Barack Obama when the books are balanced, and everyone gets paid but the business owner? Where is he during the 80-hour work weeks? Where is he during the first five years when most business owners do not take a paycheck for themselves? He has no clue of the sacrifice and risk!

What about the nausea inducing debt that many entrepreneurs face? Bank loans, second mortgages, little sleep, stress...but they didn't build it? How about when the owner is on vacation and the cell phone rings, and it's a client needing something RIGHT NOW. As the owner, what can they do? Oh, I know: they can pay higher taxes, comply with more government regulations and eventually go broke. Then they get to go on welfare and vote Democrat. Spread your wealth around, because it's not fair that you get to make more money than everybody else. 

So, Mr. President, if we didn't build it...who did? Because it certainly wasn't you. You probably couldn't build a Lincoln Log house as good as my five-year-old son, let alone run a company. Business owners create jobs. Last time I checked, jobs were important...

I recommend everyone read Dinesh D'Souza and see "2016" when it is released in a theater near you. We have a small but distinct window of opportunity over the next few months to stop this speeding train of disastrous liberalism from overtaking America.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Barack Obama personally, and I'm sure he's very nice. I just disagree with him on guns, abortion, taxes, health care reform, economy, defense, foreign policy, immigration and commerce.

I agree with him that Shrimp Linguini is delicious.

See, I can find common ground. :)