Monday, November 5, 2012

Am I a woman voter???

It's election eve, and I have a question that I desperately need answered...

What, exactly, is a “woman voter”?

I am a woman, but according to the National Organization of Women, I don't exist. When political pundits and polling data refer to women voters, they aren't talking about me. My feelings are so hurt!

No, not really.

It seems that to be considered a real woman and worthy of any political reference, I should require my contraception be paid for by someone else. I'm not sure who...just not me. And if I get pregnant (because, well...nobody bought me any contraception!), then I want the option of ending my baby's life. A real, unborn baby. A possible future woman herself.

To be considered a real woman voter by the liberal media, I need to scream that there is a war against me (by men, I think?) and that “they” want to take away my rights. Okay, may take away my right to do laundry. Like, what rights are you talking about? No one can take away your right to vote, pursue your dreams, your freedom... and if you are referring to Roe vs. Wade, no President has the power to overturn that. 

I know how women like me are viewed by some on the far-left. We stay in our kitchens all the time, barefoot and pregnant. Well, have you ever tried to be pregnant in your kitchen with high heels on? I have, and I nearly fell over. Kidding aside, we are business owners being put out of business by government regulations. We are soccer moms trading in our sport utility vehicles for smaller cars because of high-gas prices. We are working women who are overtaxed. We are not acknowledged by President Obama. Loud female celebrities say we are "stupid" for voting as we do. We are women who buy our own birth control and have our precious babies and vote. We count, just as much as anyone else.

Tomorrow, on election day, I hope women will get out and vote. ALL WOMEN. Sandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi, me and everyone in between. We aren't just one big block of same-minded women voters. And we need to respect each other, including those we disagree with. No more name calling over Twitter. Let's be kind to all.

I guess I answered my own question. I am a real woman voter. And it's time to vote!