Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After

The lovely Michelle Malkin posted these words after the election. Totally agree:
My counsel to you tonight: Please, do not be bitter. Do not fall prey to the Beltway blame game. Do not get mired in small things. Do not become vengeful creatures like our political opponents who voted out of spite instead of love of country. We still have boundless blessings to count — and to secure. I remain a proud, unrepentant believer in the American Dream. And I know you do, too. Freedom will endure because we will keep fighting for it. We can’t afford not to, friends.”
Thank you Mitt Romney. You were first-class, right to the end. You ran an honest and uplifting campaign. Although not in the beginning, you became my choice for President. You were not just a vote against someone else. As I heard on the radio today, "It's hard to run against Santa Claus." You did your best Governor. I am a proud Republican girl right now. :)

P.S. I love this sweet, short and simple post below:

A Good Fight